Finishing Resins

General Purpose Resin

Boat Yard Fiberglass Resin


  • A general purpose economy finish resin.

  • Has excellent wettability and good strength.

  • Must be used with Sea-Glass fiberglass fabrics to ensure proper cure.

  • Can be tinted with Evercoat Coloring Agents, but may not yield an exact color match. 

  • Can be used on most wood, fiberglass and some metal.

  • Liquid hardener is included.

Automotive Finishing Resin

Automotive Fiberglass Resin


  • Heavy, thixotropic formula that will not run or sag and will cure to a non-tacky surface.

  • Wets out mat and cloth quickly.

  • Can be filed, sanded or drilled. Impact resistant.

  • Use with fiberglass mat, cloth or tape to rebuild and repair.

  • Liquid hardener included.

Premium Marine Resin

Premium Marine Resin


  • The perfect no-run, no-sag polyester resin for marine repairs!

  • May be used on softwoods and fiberglass.

  • Ideal repair for hulls, decks, cabins and tanks.

  • Repairs all boat surfaces, resists impacts and protects against moisture damage.

  • Use with Sea-Glass fiberglass fabrics and Evercoat Coloring Agents.

  • Liquid hardener included.