EVERCOAT Fiberglass Repair Products

This training module will provide an overview of the polyester resins and fiberglass reinforcements available from Evercoat. The participant with gain knowledge regarding the basic technical repair procedures of fiberglass using resin and mat. The different resins available from Evercoat (waxed vs .un-waxed) will be explained along with the varieties of fiberglass reinforcements (Mat, Cloth and Woven Roving). Finishing products will focus on hardware and marine products to prepare for the application of a polyester gel coat or polyester primer.

Created by Timothy McKinney
Updated December 28, 2022

FG101- Basics of Fiberglass Repair

Module Training Agenda

  • EVERCOAT Polyester Resins

  • EVERCOAT Fiberglass Reinforcements

  • Repair Process Comparisons

  • Small Hole Repair Process & Finishing